Why Facebook Is a Waste of Time


I see Facebook as a way for people to be their own publicists, as a way of pitching the “commercial” of their lives.  Think about it – each post represents a short, concise portrayal (the hook) of your life (the product) presented in a way to make it sound more interesting than it really is.

You never see comments on Facebook like: “Why must my eight year-old take pictures of his own bowel movements?” Instead, we read posts offering brief, idealistic glimpses into other’s lives.  Like:  “Just sat down with a warm cup of Chai tea, a good book and a slice of fresh-baked bread.  Life is good!”

Nowhere does it mention the bread was a necessity because the husband gambled away the grocery money, the kids are bickering constantly and the youngest’s nose is dripping fluorescent green snot like a spigot. Those details are on a need-to-know basis –…

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