Facebook’s mobile advertising strategy has arrived

Facebook Ads again

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According to Facebook’s S-1, Facebook’s “mobile interfaces gained 12 million monthly active users just since March when Facebook listed 488 million monthly users of its mobile products, and now has over 500 million.”  Facebook has experienced significant mobile growth in past five years, yet ironically the social networking giant has not launched a mobile advertising product until recently.

It’s important to note that for years Facebook has resisted the temptation of deploying disruptive mobile banner ads.  Mobile banner ads would clutter a smallish mobile screen, compromising the user experience.  Instead, Facebook has focused on enhancing the mobile user experience and building up their user base.

As Kleiner Perkins partner Mary Meeker highlighted recently, “there’s a major mobile monetization gap, with eCPMs five times lower on mobile than on the desktop Internet.”    This means that mobile users rarely engage with mobile banner ads.  On a small screen real estate…

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