Google+ adds restricted posts & admin controls for business users



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Each week we take a look at what was trending on Twitter and provide some deep and meaningful insight. Or we just bitch about it. August 4th- August 10th…

There’s only one truly open platform: the web

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As Twitter and Facebook (s fb) continue to fight a variety of skirmishes in the ongoing “platform wars,” with both companies trying to control as much of their networks…


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Iwastesomuchtime 24/7! That is how accessible everyone needs to be in the tech savvy era we all live in. The younger you are, the more important it is to…

Twitter is where the action happens for SoloCeo’s

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One of the  important things as Solo CEO of your business is to never let your network stay stagnate. Working in an office by yourself can be…

FTC says Facebook lied about app-security program

Company Website vs. Facebook Business Page

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Do you maintain both a website and Facebook page for your business?  Do you update them both frequently?  You better, because in a recent article on, by…

Facebook and Stock market: A new Era

Why Facebook Is a Waste of Time

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I see Facebook as a way for people to be their own publicists, as a way of pitching the “commercial” of their lives.  Think about it – each post…